The role of life-course immunisation in healthy ageing

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Life-course Immunisation for Older Adults in Asia: a Health Economics Case

Best Submissions Announcements

18. When and where will the best submissions be announced?

The applicants with the best submissions will be announced virtually on 05 Dec 2023, during a webinar organised by SEAD and EU-ABC, supported by Sanofi. Details of the webinar will be announced closer to date.

19. What will the winning entry receive?

The applicants with the best submissions will receive a mentorship opportunity by an external professional health sector practitioner(s) from the judging panel. They will also be provided with the opportunity to present their ideas during a regional webinar co-hosted by SEADS and EU-ABC and supported by Sanofi. The best submission entries will also be presented with a certificate of recognition from SEADS, EU-ABC and Sanofi.


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