The role of life-course immunisation in healthy ageing

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Life-course Immunisation for Older Adults in Asia: a Health Economics Case

Entry Submission

6. Is there a specific template for submission? Which document format can we use?

The entry template, which is in Microsoft PowerPoint, can be downloaded here. Interested participants can fill in the form to indicate their interest, and the template will be automatically downloaded. Please follow the instructions provided in the template for completion of the entry. Please remember to submit the entry by 17 November 2023 here.

7. What should be included in the submission?

Your submission should include the following:

Topic: Life-course immunisation, with a focus on the elderly population (aged 65 years and above)

Disease areas: Influenza and pneumococcal disease

Country of interest (choose one): Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

Points to cover in submission:

a. Life-course immunisation landscape, including:

  • Prevalence
  • Economic burden (in Euros)
  • Access to vaccination programmes, including subsidies available to the elderly
  • Vaccine uptake rates

b. Benefits of life-course immunisation, including:

  • Direct cost-benefit, such as medical and hospitalisation costs
  • Indirect cost-benefit, such as minimised lost workdays from hospitalisation, increased productivity and reduced caregiver costs

c. Current government/public healthcare expenditure allocated to life-course immunisation and strategies to sustain funding

d. Innovative ways to obtain economic resources to fund life-course immunisation programmes

e. Measurement of impact, including but not limited to:

  • Feasibility and impact of approach to target population
  • Health budget impact
  • Cost-effectiveness of implementation

Format: PPT, maximum of 25 slides; To be presented during the closing webinar

All submitted material must be original and created by participant. Any previously published content must be properly attributed to the original author in the submission as references.

8. Can I submit my entry in any language other than English?

Only entries in English will be considered.

9. Can I submit multiple entries?

One person can only submit one entry. Additional submissions will not be accepted.

10. Can I change or delete my entry?

Once you have submitted your entry, but would like to change or delete your entry, please contact the secretariat via email:

11. When is the deadline of entry submission?

The deadline for entry submission is 17 November 2023. Entries submitted after deadline will not be considered.

12. When and how will I find out if my entry has been successfully submitted?

A notification email will be sent to the contact email listed upon receipt of an entry.


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